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Hardwood floor refinishing in Brentwood TN

Country Flooring Direct can handle all of your sanding and refinishing needs. We take the time to listen and ask the right questions so that we can suggest the best process and products for you. Have kids, pets, or health issues to consider? At Country Flooring Direct, we’ve got you covered.

Dustless sanding and finishing

Home improvement projects can be messy. The road to a more beautiful home is typically paved with debris, dirt, odor, etc. If you are currently living in the space you want to refinish, we strongly suggest Dustless Sanding.

What is dustless sanding?

Dustless Sanding uses a trailer-mounted system to remove all of the dust from your home. Our sanding equipment is hooked up to a vacuum, preventing dust from accumulating in your air vents and filters. With true Dustless Sanding, there will be minimal dust or no dust at all at the end of your project.

If a trailer-mounted system is outside your budget, another method is to connect a shop vac to the buffer. This alternative is affordable and works well for clients who are focused on cost savings.

Health benefits of dustless

Does someone in your home have allergies or asthma? If so, you should probably go dustless. Wood dust can be harmful, so choosing Dustless Sanding offers health benefits in addition to easy cleanup.

Sanding engineered floors

Some companies say you can’t sand engineered hardwood, but we say you can. As long as your floor has a 2 millimeter wear layer — which most engineered products have — sanding and refinishing shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, there are some situations where we would not recommend sanding your engineered hardwood. For instance, if your floor is over concrete, you run the risk of sanding through the boards where the concrete is not level. We are always happy to talk with you about your flooring situation to make sure that refinishing is right for you.

Stain options

Before we sand your floor, we can help you pick your stain color. If you are interested in a dark stain, there will be some additional things for you to consider. Almost anyone can do a natural wood stain, but achieving a great looking dark stain is an art. Here are some tips:
1) Make sure that your floor is smooth — the smoother the floor, the more consistent the color.
2) Give your dark stain plenty of time to dry.
3) A thorough sanding job is key, and you may need someone with experience opening the grain.
Addressing these considerations will add time to your project, but it will be well worth the extra effort. When a dark stain is not done professionally, it shows.
Hardwood refinishing in Pegram TN

Finish options

If your home has high traffic, Bona Traffic finish is a very popular and durable option. If you’re looking for a natural hardwood look, you may prefer Primero by Poloplaz. Primero is an oil-based polyurethane that is extremely hard and doesn’t change the look of the floor as much as Bona Traffic.

No VOC finishes

Monocoat is completely non-toxic and has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is a one-coat solution made from plant-based oils, and it dries very hard as the oils bond to the floor. If you have sensitivities to smells or chemicals, Monocoat is probably the best option. There are also low-VOC Durasel finishes and some water based options, but if being VOC-free is a high priority, Monocoat is the way to go. An added benefit is that it comes with satin soap for cleaning if you’d like to give your floors some extra shine.