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For a uniquely timeless appeal, choose hardwood flooring

Let Country Flooring Direct walk you through the ins and outs of hardwood flooring when it comes time to make those tough renovation decisions. Our Pegram, TN trained, industry experienced flooring specialists are knowledgeable professionals, so when they talk hardwood, they know what they're talking about! Homeowners, if you're in the market for some sleek new flooring looks, then you'll want to talk to Country Flooring Direct.

Hardwood flooring and its countless advantages

For a gorgeous flooring that is highly-durable and a cinch to clean, choose solid hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring will last you for generations, just ask anyone who owns a centuries-old property. Without a doubt, they'll tell you that their original flooring is a testament to durability. But, to keep those phenomenal hardwood floors as pristine as possible, just sweep them regularly and mop them weekly with a premium wood floor cleaner.

With so many wood types, blends, and styles to select from and match your already existing decor, how can you go wrong with hardwood? Solid hardwood floors come in all kinds of wood variants, such as hickory, walnut, maple, and red oak. If you ever get bored with your floor coloration, you can just have it redone in any stain or color that your heart desires.

What's more, with the addition of solid hardwood floors to your home renovation, you can increase your property market resale value. Presently, homes with carpeting have a harder time selling than homes with hardwood floors.

Engineered hardwood flooring and its many benefits

If you want to create a traditional appearance with wood flooring, you can do so, at a fraction of the cost, with engineered hardwood flooring. For homeowners on a tight budget that have a distinct design visionin mind, engineered hardwood is a great option, since it gives them what they want for less.

As engineered wood flooring is less time consuming to install, it is a real favorite among contractors and interior designers. To walk on your new engineered floors as quickly as possible, make sure to hire a licensed installation company. Since you're investing in new floors, don't cut corners on the installation process, or you may end up having damaged flooring.

Similar in durability and versatility, both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring can create whatever look you want. Yet, for regions that see higher amounts of humidity and moisture, engineered hardwood flooring is considered the ideal flooring choice, as it shrinks and swells less. If you're living in an area with a moody climate, you may want to opt for engineered hardwood flooring

Country Flooring Direct for solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring

Do you live in the Pegram, Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville areas and are seeking some exceptional wood flooring? If you give us a call, we'd be glad to chat with you about the many solid and engineered hardwood flooring options we have on-site.

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