Did you know the kind of floors you have inside of your home speak volumes? It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your home or not, if it has been some time since you’ve had your floors refinished or replaced, now is a good time for you to consider your options.

Exotic Wood Flooring

Do you like modern looking furniture and décor? Maybe you like being able to change up your home’s style and décor at a moment’s notice. Regardless of what your exotic tastes are, you are not limited to using traditional hardwood flooring throughout your home. We carry a wide variety of exotic and modern hardwood flooring options for you to choose from. From engineered, laminate to Brazilian and more, no matter what style you have in mind, we have it.

Traditional Oak Flooring

Depending on your style and home’s age, you may benefit more from having traditional hardwood flooring throughout your home. Many traditional hardwoods, such as oak and pine hold up well against the test of time, dirt, and frequent use. If you have pets or children inside of your home, you should consider investing into quality flooring in Nashville that is not easily damaged.


Sometimes it is better to have a certain room or two carpeted. It doesn’t matter why you have decided to choose carpeting in Nashville, all that matters is that you choose a good Nashville carpet sales company that you can depend on. You should be selective about the type and quality of carpet you choose to have installed. Don’t forget to weigh in how much foot traffic each room that is being carpeted is going to have.


If you are feeling undecided about the kind of Middle TN hardwood floor you should have installed, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to offer you our assistance and guidance. We will work with you to find a flooring Nashville solution that works best for you. Give Country Flooring Direct a call today at (615) 646 0366 to speak with one of our flooring consultants. Click here to take advantage of our discounts!