Every manufacturer is different, and Shaw is no exception. Here are the reasons I like selling Shaw Hardwood:

  1. Made in the USA: Shaw manufactures almost all of their hardwood in the USA, other manufacturers I carry only are headquartered here and manufacture over seas.
  2. Epic core engineered hardwood floor represents a true USP. It is harder, more stable, and uses less trees in production.
  3. Scuff resist platinum finish: this is a protecting finish you can actually use a 3M Scotch pad to clean the floor and it will not harm it.
  4. The offer a wide variety of domestic hardwood and styles from oak to hickory and distressed white washed birch
  5. Quick access to flooring: Shaw keeps a lot of hardwood right in stock and I can ship it out next day.
  6. Dealer pricing: I get many specials that I will in return post and offer on this blog site flooring at discounted rates.
Overall most manufacturers are similar, but I enjoy selling and standing behind a company that uses US labor to make their product because that in some way helps our neighbors and our economy more than supporting a company that ships it’s jobs overseas. As to the Scuff Resist finish, I don’t sell it saying you should clean your floor with a scotch pad, but it does bring an interesting issue to light. A big complaint on prefinished flooring is small surface scratches that come to bear after living on the floor. These are unavoidable and will happen eventually no matter the floor, but Shaw does go the extra mile to help protect your floor with a better finish.