So, you’re selling your house? When was the last time you changed or cleaned the carpet? Was it when you bought the new home? The realtor hires a stager who tells you that the years of wear are showing, and if you want to move you’re going to have to replace your carpet.

What do you need? We feel most often you need three simple things out of your carpet if you are replacing to sell. First, it has to be neutral not only in color but in style as well. It’s true, we sell a lot of Frizzae. I sell a lot of pattern pieces, however, unless you live in a Green Hills, Brentwood, or Belle Meade type of neighborhood, you probably need a plain plush carpet.Next, it has to be clean in smell, sight, and touch. This is easy if it’s new. Finally, you probably want it to be cheap. I mean, you’re not buying carpet for yourself, you’re trying to sell your house. My suggestion is a beige plush carpet.

We stock a neutral beige carpet that will fit most any taste. It is the top selling carpet from that manufacturer, not only style but color. We offer this to realtors and clients of realtors selling their homes at a discounted rate of $16 a sq. yard ( Normally 20), and an even bigger discount of $14.25 a sq. yard if you do the entire house, or more than 1350 sq ft.