Laminated Flooring can be a great option and very durable. However, there are so many options available, the cost of a quality laminated floor can be confusing. Most consumers look at the wrong qualities in a floor. For instance, I just met with a man who was buying a laminated floor, and I understand why he thought the competitors floor which is thicker and less was a better buy; however, there are costs involved in making a laminated floor.

The Wear Layer
The Locking Mechanism
The Core

The Biggest cost of making a laminated floor: The two main costs are the wear layer and the locking mechanism. The cost in the wear layer is effected by the Graphics, or how real the floor looks, the thickness described in millimeters and the adhesive used to keep it all together. If you are looking for an inexpensive laminate in a plain oak look for 7 millimeter wear layer, the least expensive one. If you’re buying out of stock, it would range 1.29-1.49 sq ft. Fancier laminates can range higher upwards to $4 sq ft. The other expense is your locking mechanism. It is not commonly known by consumers, but most of your main manufacturers all use one locking mechanism that they pay a royalty to use. Why is this? Very simply it is the best, and if the locking mechanism is not good, sales will drop as soon as the installer starts complaining about how horrible the floor installs.

The other main cost is the core. What is the middle made from, and how dense is the core? How water resistant is it? Is it made of HDF or Plastic? This determines sound and impact absorption and how much water effects the product. A Plastic core product is going to run upwards of 5-7 sq ft. The problem with this approach is you can get a nicer LVT product installed for this and not have any moisture problems and have an easier installation.

Inexpensive laminated floors should cost 3.50-4 dollars a sq ft to install product underlayment and labor. Inexpensive LVT floors will run closer to 4 dollars a sq ft and top out around$7 but they are more resistant to moisture.

We hope you found this helpful.