Wood floors in a home tell a story. A story that often outlives its owner. It’s not uncommon for a natural hardwood floor to last a lifetime. There’s no other flooring surface quite like wood for the natural character and charm it imparts to a space.

Hardwood floors are extremely durable and can be refinished, sanded, and stained multiple times over long periods. They may also be repaired when normal wear and tear or even harsh treatment would otherwise ruin other flooring.

Typically hardwood floors should be refinished every 8-12 years, but this varies depending on how rough you are with your floors. Hardwood floors require regular maintenance, but what you clean the floor with is important too. Many people prefer to use a traditional vinegar and water solution. It’s important to remember, however, that vinegar is acidic and can break down a finish over time.

Using a cleaning solution that is less harsh on the finish of your hardwood flooring will help the finish last as long as possible. The more you have to finish your floor, the less durable the hardwood floor is. Some people don’t refinish/re-coat their floors and are perfectly content leaving them the way they were installed. Rustic is increasingly popular, but it lacks the eye-catching luster that brings hardwood floors to life.

One of the biggest factors determining how long hardwood floors will last is the installation; primarily the sub-floor. If the sub-floor has irregularities, the floor may not be able to be refinished properly. A hardwood floor needs to be refinished well to endure. If you want the sanding to be consistent, it’s essential to start with a flat sub-floor. Otherwise, too much can be taken off in certain areas.

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