Thinking about replacing the carpet in your home? Country Flooring Direct in Nashville has some tips for selecting the right carpet for your space!

Nylon Carpet outperforms all other fibers in durability, resilience and easy maintenance. If you want your carpet to last a decade or longer, this carpet is a perfect choice for you! Nylon carpet is especially beneficial for high-traffic areas and in homes with kids and pets. Higher quality nylon fibers are “branded,” and the carpet label will use terms like “100% Mohawk Nylon” or “100% Stainmaster”. Lower-quality, “unbranded” nylon fibers are simply listed as “100% nylon”.

Triexta Carpet is a newer classified fiber derived partly from corn sugar. This carpet, like nylon, is also an excellent choice if you have pets or children. It has amazing permanent anti-stain properties (nylon must be treated with stain protectors over its life span). It also has good resilience.

Polyester Carpet is stain resistant, very soft and luxurious underfoot. It’s available in deep and vibrant colors, however, it’s harder to clean, tends to shed and isn’t as durable as nylon. It’s best used in low-traffic areas (like bedrooms) and in households without kids or pets. A nice, cushy choice if you like to exercise on the carpet.

Olefin Carpet is an attractive, inexpensive fiber that’s strong and resists fading, but it’s not as resilient as nylon. It’s most often made into a looped Berber with a nubby weave that conceals dirt. It has good stain, static and mildew resistance. Olefin carpeting is often selected for high-traffic “clean” areas such as family rooms and play areas.

When choosing the right carpet for your home, make sure you do the research first! We want your carpet to last as long as possible and make your home look beautiful for years to come! For the right flooring choice in Nashville, call Country Flooring Direct at 615-646-0366. Also check out our “specials” tab to see our current offers!