When I was a kid, my parents spent hours shopping for hardwood, and my mother couldn’t have been more excited about their choice, but she was less-than-enthusiastic when she brought it home.

When it was installed, something just seemed off, and she drove everyone in the house crazy trying to figure it out.

The real problem was that wood floors have undertones, secondary colors used in the mix, and not always obvious. Normally, they’re a gorgeous addition that, when well-coordinated with the other furnishings and accessories, creates a “Wow” factor.

But if you don’t pay attention, you may not get the result you want, and they’ll clash with the other room colors.

It’s a big debate: Some people love to shop in a brick and mortar facility. Others want to go shopping in their own home, not to be confused with purchasing online, where you only get a chance to see product on a website.

This is why Country Flooring Direct has both kinds of showrooms! When you shop at home you will:

Get to understand what makes color shift: It can actually change the appearance of a room: Color will shift, depending upon such things as lighting, other colors, or even variations in textures. When you shop, pay attention to how products look in your own home.

Have the proper mindset: Going from shopping from store to store can really take a lot out of you, including tired eyes, hurting feet, headaches, hunger, etc. After a few hours, you might be tempted to buy just anything to get the process over with. These days, there are so many colors, patterns and designs in flooring, it’s important to explore with fresh eyes and clear mind, so you get what you really want for your home.

Up your memory: Isn’t it funny how we can forget things? When you shop at home the flooring pro might see a dog running around, one that you forgot to mention in the store, and be able to advise you on some of the best stain-resistant carpet. Maybe even seeing your kitchen will jog your memory about the leaky pipes, and the need for waterproof (WPC) flooring.

Country Flooring Direct has both a mobile showroom that’s fully stocked so you can shop at home, but if you are a person who likes to travel to a building, you can also come into our showroom in Pegram, TN. We carry hardwood, carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl and waterproof flooring (WPC).